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Appellate Law Overview

If you want the best chance to win an appeal, then you need an appellate attorney. In recent decades, the tangible advantages of having talented and expert appellate litigators handle appellate litigation has become evident. as more and more litigants have come to realize, when it comes to winning an appeal, it pays to have an appellate attorney.

The days when one attorney could possess the knowledge and experience to handle any legal issues are long gone. In today’s environment, you need an attorney with the knowledge and experience to handle your issue. If you need a contract, you get a contract attorney. If you need a divorce, you get a divorce attorney. If you need to go to trial, you need a trial attorney. If you need to appeal, you need an appellate attorney.  If you want to maximize your chances of a favorable result on appeal, you need an appellate attorney. While many trial attorneys may attempt to handle appeals, they simply lack the necessary skill set. Appeals are different from trials. One issue with a trial attorney handling an appeal is that “trial judges are fundamentally different from appellate judges.” They look for different information and are persuaded by different arguments. Because of this difference, a trial attorney, event very skilled trial attorney, will very likely make a very poor appellate attorney.

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Federal Appeals

We handle appeals from preliminary injunction rulings and other interlocutory rulings and final judgments.

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State Appeals

We handle levels of appeals, from appeals of final judgements to the Arizona Courts of Appeal to petitions for review to the Arizona Supreme Court to petitions for writs of certiorari to the United States Supreme Court.

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Criminal Appeals

In Arizona, a person convicted of a crime after a trial is entitled to three different levels of review (direct appeal, post-conviction relief, and a habeas petition in federal court).

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Top Appellate Lawyers in Phoenix and Mesa

Bringing a fresh perspective to an appeal is key. An appellate attorney can look at your case without any preconceived ideas, and then narrow down the issues that have the greatest chances of success on appeal. An appellate attorney is the best choice for presenting those issues in a way that will convince appellate judges to decide the case in your favor.

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Mark Shields


Because a family law issue is so important and so personal, it should be handled by someone who cares. Mark believes that being down to earth and an honest, approachable guy is just as important in the practice of law as it is in life in general.

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“I fully recommend Mark Shields; he is outstanding. He’s entirely competent, thorough and very forward thinking; he even anticipated what the judge would misunderstand. He was right; we had a contingency plan. His perfect focus locks him on priorities that matter most to our family and he managed our time and resources perfectly. My child’s life/our lives are better because of his expertise, understanding, and sense of humor and perspective.”

John Davis

Recommended on Facebook, 2019

“Wouldn’t consider referring anyone else. As a divorced father, I found myself in an emergency situation, fighting for custody of my kids. My original attorney, with another firm, was not able to accurately convey my case to the judge, resulting in an unfavorable ruling against me. After hiring Mark, he entered my case fighting an uphill battle, and was able to skillfully achieve the results I was seeking. He is fair, honest, intuitive, and incredibly smart. I wouldn’t consider using anyone else for family law.”


5-Star Recommendation on, 2019

“I worked with Mr. Shields on my family court appeal. He was truly nothing short of amazing. He was kind and patient as I filled him in on the lengthy background of the case. He invited me to observe him in front of the court of appeals before I hired him, and I had a chance to do so. He was professional and impressive and much more prepared and well versed in the law than the opposing attorney. I knew immediately I wanted him working on my case and I was NOT disappointed. He was eloquent and on point in all documents written on my behalf. He is incredibly adept at practicing law and I am incredibly happy he is on my side. You would be well served to hire Mark for any legal issue you have.”


5-Star Recommendation on, 2016

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It is said that ‘knowledge is power.” Our attorneys draw upon their knowledge of the law and their case experience to empower others with timely, practical and relevant posts and articles.

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