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Guidelines for Selecting a Trademark

Guidelines for Selecting a Trademark

When you create a new business or a new product, you often want to pick a clever name that the public will remember, but which also references the product or service being sold. For example, the mark “Google” for an internet search engine is memorable because it is...

In Defense of Books

In Defense of Books

A few years ago, I met with my law firm’s manager to discuss research products and services. I asked if we had hard copies of the state and federal civil rules handbooks. “No, we do not.” Next, I asked about the Arizona Revised Statutes. “No… we don’t have those...

A Study of Fair Use Under Modern Copyright Law

A Study of Fair Use Under Modern Copyright Law

Every content creator on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram (and, theoretically, Threads and X, if anyone is actually using them) eventually ends up researching the same questions: how much of a song clip, video clip, newspaper article, etc. can you legally use? Is it...

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