Federal Appeals

Federal Appeals Overview

GillespieShields offers the full range of appellate services for federal civil appeals. We handle appeals from preliminary injunction rulings and other interlocutory rulings and final judgments. Once a panel of the Ninth Circuit has issued an opinion, we handle petitions for rehearing by the panel, petitions for rehearing en banc, and petitions for writs of certiorari to the United States Supreme Court. We also handle any other appellate litigation, such as motions and certified questions.

Often litigants are unsure if an appeal is worth the time and expense. Our attorneys can review the trial record and the court’s rulings, and advise you of the possible appellate arguments so that you can determine if the possible benefit of an appeal is worth the costs. Once a decision is made to move forward with an appeal, our attorneys have the experience identify the most promising issues to raise, and the skills to present those issues and arguments in a well-crafted appellate brief that will persuade the appellate court to find in your favor.

While superb brief writing is key to being an effective appellate advocate, a successful oral argument is an essential part of an appeal. At GillespieShields, our attorneys have the experience and skill necessary to present a compelling oral argument.

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