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Why Gillespie Shields?

Planning a business can be overwhelming, and without the help of experienced legal counsel, it can lead to expensive mistakes in the future. Based out of Phoenix, AZ, the attorneys at GillespieShields have been helping business owners run their businesses since 1985. We are experienced in every aspect of business law, from creation to implementation and beyond. Businesses are what run this country; they represent almost 60% of jobs created in the last 5 years and roughly 46% of the non-farm GDP.

Unfortunately, any number of situations can turn a small business over if the owner does not have the experience. Give your business the tools to succeed by consulting with our team of adept business law attorneys. We know how to build your business from the ground up and steer you down the path to success.

Assistance in Forming a Business Entity

When planning a business, it is first and foremost important to determine the entity that will be formed. There are multiple types of entities, from a sole proprietorship to LLCs, to large corporations. Each of these entities is formed not only for varying size in the business but also for various tax and authority reasons. For example, you may have a partner to run your business with, but do you want to form a partnership or an LLC?

A partnership puts the authority equally between you two but has the unfortunate drawback of unlimited liability. While an LLC limits the liability, it requires that members unanimously agree on the operations of the business. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of business entities. Our attorneys will listen to your wants and needs to build you the absolute best strategy for building your business.

Ongoing Contract and Transactional Legal Counsel

Our services extend beyond the formation of business entities. We provide ongoing legal counsel for contract and transactional needs, as well. Our goal in business planning and providing ongoing service is to avoid business litigation in the future. Whether we’re drawing up contracts for operating agreements, leasing agreements, employment agreements, sales, or anything else, we will always keep your best interests in mind. Our skill range from preparing small contracts, like individual service agreements, to large corporate stockholder options. We will hand-tailor business agreements based on your individual needs.

Buy-Sell Agreements

Lastly, we can assist in buyout agreements should the need arise in the future. Whether you’re taking a proactive stance or wanting to incorporate a buyout agreement as part of your estate plan, we have the tools to prepare a comprehensive agreement that will rule out any confusion when someone wants to buy out of the company. Buy-sell agreements are one of the key aspects of business planning, and it is important to enlist the help of attorneys who are deeply experienced in business law and contract language.

Experienced Attorneys and Business Planners in Phoenix, AZ

At GillespieShields, our attorneys have 30 years of experience in several specializations, including business law and business planning. We work tirelessly to find ongoing solutions to even the most complex problems. We represent businesses of all sizes, from two-person LLCs to global corporations. No matter the size, we treat our clients with understanding and respect. We get to know our clients individually so we can represent them in the best possible way.

When helping our clients plan their business, we look at the big picture and listen to their needs so we can build the most effective strategy for their business. Our goal is see your business succeed, and we do everything we can to get you there. Our commitment to our clients has been recognized on several occasions, including superb AVVO ratings and two Martindale-Hubbell client recognition awards. If you are seeking experienced business planners, contact us today.


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