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Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution (Divorce Guide Exclusive)

This guide was written to help you and others like you navigate the difficult and unfamiliar process of Divorce in Arizona. Download today.

Alternative Dispute Resolution and Divorce Mediation

In general, it’s always better to work to resolve contested issues outside of a formal courtroom setting. Divorce mediation can trim the Arizona divorce process timeline, reducing personal stress and financial costs.

Mediation Speeds up the Arizona Divorce Process Timeline

After both parties have completed their disclosures, you should hire an informed facilitator—such as a judge or an experienced family law attorney—to sit down with you both and try to help you settle any disagreements as smoothly as possible. A successful divorce mediation effectively changes a contested divorce to an uncontested one.

Arizona divorce mediation services can be much less expensive than the alternative—a series of hearings which are likely to end in a formal trial. And mediation is much more flexible than the often impersonal solutions a trial court could impose upon you.

In No Fault Divorce situations, where there’s little rancor or disagreement, it only makes sense to utilize Arizona divorce mediation services. In other cases, there’s still much that can be achieved, and the promise of a shorter, cheaper Arizona divorce process timeline is a good incentive to seek mediation first.

GillespieShields Arizona Divorce Guide - Mediation

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