Top 10 Best Immigration Lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona (Updated for 2021)

We know finding the best Immigration Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona can be difficult, so we put together this detailed list of the best of the best so you can make your decision wisely.  Each Immigration law firm offers various specializations to choose from to suit their client’s needs; from the Naturalization process to obtaining Business Visas to undergoing the process to obtain a Permanent Residency. This list of amazing Immigration lawyers is ever-changing and expanding, so please check back often. If you find another specialist that should be listed here – or one that should be removed – please let us know!

1. GillespieShields

        7319 North 16th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85020, United States (602) 870-9700

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About: GillespieShields is a law firm that listens to its client’s needs and objectives. The attorneys at GillespieShields are well-versed in a variety of different legal fields, ranging from family law to civil suits, employment disputes, and probate cases. Their Phoenix lawyers have the knowledge and experience required to help their clients navigate the complex legal system. Above all, they believe in advocating for their clients with honesty and integrity. They work diligently to help resolve their clients’ legal matters. 

They will answer your questions and use their understanding of the law and legal system to be an effective attorney in your case. With a well-formulated strategy, they will be able to achieve a good outcome for your situation. The firm has been practicing law since 1985 in seven different areas. DeeAnn Gillespie is the founder of the firm and since its practice in the Phoenix area has added some attorneys to the firm. Today, they have 11 experienced attorneys. 

Their civil practice covers a wide swath of varied legal matters. They have handled cases from car accidents and personal injury to torts and civil litigation. Civil matters are often very complex. Therefore, it is important that you obtain the legal representation that will protect and advocate for your rights. Their civil law team is efficient, hard-working, and responsive. They will help unravel the intricacies of your case.

Practice Areas: Civil Law, Family Law, Employment Law,  Criminal Law, Probate Law, Immigration Law, and  Appellate Law.

What Makes Them Different: GillespieShields is well-known throughout Phoenix as a law firm that works with clients professionally and in a friendly manner. They will go out of their way to defend your legal position. They know that each of their clients faces unique challenges and therefore they strive to minimize the time and cost to clients while advocating for their best interests.

2. IBF Law Group

       20 E Thomas Rd Suite 2253, Phoenix, AZ 85012


About: At IBF Law Group, the majority of attorneys are immigrants who understand just how stressful and complicated immigration law is. They’ve devoted their lives to helping clients navigate this confusing area by providing them with an excellent Phoenix immigration lawyer they can trust for guidance throughout the process.

It’s clear how difficult the immigration process can be, so people are happy to have a team on their side who is willing and able to listen closely. At IBF Law Group, a good lawyer will work with you every step of the way in order for you to know where your case stands at any time. They value being open about cases because it leads them closer toward achieving positive results that they’re working towards together as one unit!

Practice Areas: Immigration, Personal Injury, Business Strategy, Family Law, Employment Law, Entertainment Law, Sports Law.

What Makes Them Different: IBF Law Group is a team of experts who ensure their clients make the best decisions. If you’re considering divorce, need assistance drafting contracts, or dealing with difficult business choices, IBF will help guide your way to success!

Their company provides an array of services in Spanish, and if you prefer to communicate with them through another language they can translate into your preferred one. They are serious about their work as the entire process is not limited only to paper but also online where all essential paperwork needs to be signed by its customers. Treating each case individually, they will take necessary actions that would help protect your rights and benefits for a better future ahead.


3. Diamondback Legal

        3101 N Central Ave Suite 1150, Phoenix, AZ 85012 749-8500


About: If you’re looking for a law firm that will represent each client in the same way that they would like to be represented, then Diamondback Legal is your team. They understand that their clients’ cases are unique and require specialized dedication and attention to detail. This means prioritizing customers’ needs while providing 24/7 availability so nobody has an unpleasant or difficult legal problem alone!

They strive to give representation choices by combining aggressive methods with sympathetic moral assistance. However, the most important thing is that they listen to you first and allow you to tell your side of the story.

Practice Areas: Immigration Law, Securities Law, Civil Litigation, Class Actions, Business Law

What Makes Them Different: One of the unique things about Diamondback Legal is its ability to devise new and effective strategies for cases using contemporary technologies. Their legal team prides itself on being able to handle immigration matters with care, concentrating most heavily in these areas.

4. New Frontier Immigration Law

        550 W Portland St, Phoenix, AZ 85003

About: New Frontier is owned and managed by Hillary Walsh, an attorney. More significantly though, she has firsthand experience with immigration law because of her own detainment in the past due to a visa issue and understands its severity and how it can be frightening for those unaware of what they’re getting themselves into when dealing with such legal situations. Her personal experiences have inspired her to help other immigrants understand their rights regarding these laws being broken or not understood properly which led them down this path. 

New Frontier wants you to know that they have your back when it comes to immigration. They want you and everyone in the community with immigrant roots, or a loved one who is an immigrant, to feel safe from fears of deportation. New Frontier offers legal counsel for those dealing with difficult visa situations so that people can move forward in their lives without being fearful about current laws affecting them adversely.

Practice Areas: Immigration, Family Petitions, Military Parole In Place, Appeals, Bonds, Waivers For Entering Without Permission, Removal Defense, Motions To Reopen, U-Visas, Naturalization, DACA

What Makes Them Different: Their legal services are guaranteed to get rid of any possible obstacles that may stand in your way, while also providing sound guidance for overcoming them. Additionally, their counselors never judge people based on prior events or circumstances.

5. Global Hearts United Immigration Law

        3014 N Hayden Rd # 112, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

About: Reppuci & Roeder, PLLC believes in these three core principles such as professional integrity, client prioritization, and customized legal strategy. By practicing law with honesty, they have built a good reputation of trust with their clients. Every case is unique. That’s why they want to work closely with their clients so they can understand the needs and challenges of every individual. They put their client’s interest first and give them the best options. With their experience, they have helped many clients make it through negotiated statements, mediation, or arbitration. They have a team who delivers world-class legal services with attention to detail, best practices, and dedication.

Practice Areas Offered: Divorce Law, Child Custody, Juvenile Law, Child Support, Marital Agreements, Domestic Violence.

What Makes Them Different: They have exceptional attorneys who are thoughtful, encouraging, honest, loyal, and respectful. They will understand what you are going through but will give you an advice that’s effective in your case.

6. Coughlon Law Firm, PLLC

        531 E Thomas Rd Suite 101, Phoenix, AZ 85012

About: Robert Coughlon is an attorney who believes in immigrant rights and truly cares about his clients. He understands that immigration law has consequences for people, so he always does everything a lawyer can to get the best result possible while still being compassionate throughout the process.

Practice Areas: Naturalization, Family Immigration, Green Card Through Marriage

What Makes Them Different: Robert Coughlon Jr. recognizes that the judicial system can be intimidating and overwhelming to those who are unfamiliar with it, so he strives to make legal processes as simple as possible, implement a solution for high-priority matters quickly, and settle each case in a timely manner.


7. Adelayo Law Firm PLLC

       802 N 5th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85003

About: They strive to provide proactive, effective representation at the Adelayo Law Firm. They are strong believers in listening attentively when it comes to practicing law. Every aspect of your narrative is crucial for building a successful legal strategy; therefore, they begin each case with extensive one-on-one consultation and promote open communication throughout your case as well. This enables them to uncover every stone possible so that none go unturned.

Practice Areas: Immigration Law, Criminal Defense

What Makes Them Different: Working with Adelayo Law Firm means you can rest easy knowing that they will thoroughly understand your specific situation, and then properly convey it to the prosecutors, judges, or juries in order for them to get the best possible outcome.

8. Law Offices of Alicia M. Heflin, PLC

        3411 N 5th Ave #311, Phoenix, AZ 85013

About: Their immigration service strives to ensure that you understand your options and the process involved, no matter what type of immigration demands you may have. They will explain all relevant legislation pertaining to your case so that you are able to fully participate in determining the best course of action for yourself. Furthermore, they pledge with each client to receive competent legal advice throughout their entire journey if they decide on their office as an advisor!

Practice Areas: Deportation, Consular Processing, and K-Visas, Application For Lawful Permanent Residence, Citizenship

What Makes Them Different: They treat you as individuals rather than simply clients, and they go out of their way to make you feel important. When going through one of the most significant procedures in your life, professionalism, attention to detail, honesty and sound counsel made all the difference. They’ll walk you through any paperwork intricacies or papers that need filling out; communication is quick whether it be meetings, emails, or phone calls with them at every step along the way!

9. Thomas Law Firm, PLC

        3830 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85015

About: Phoenix attorneys at Thomas Law Firm PLC provide criminal defense and immigration services for their clients. They do so while treating you with respect, providing flexible representation choices, collaborating closely on your case to construct the strongest possible outcome, and never giving up until they’ve achieved success in your case.

Practice Areas: Criminal Defense, Immigration Law

What Makes Them Different: They make every effort possible to provide you with possible answers, flexible representation choices, and a true success story in your case.


10. Di Santo & Di Santo, PLC

           6945 E Sahuaro Dr # 125, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

About: DiSanto & DiSanto, PLC offers legal services in immigration and nationality law for individuals, families, companies, and workers. The firm also specializes in employment-based and family-based immigration concerns.

If you’re in need of an immigration attorney who will protect your rights regardless of where they are, DiSanto & DiSanto, PLC is the right choice. They have a large team ready for this task so no matter what state you live in their services can help with any issue related to legal documentation issues.

Practice Areas: Employment-Based Immigration Law Services, Family-Based Immigration Law Services. 

What Makes Them Different: Whether it’s a phone consultation, an office visit, or contact via email or Skype, they’re always available to all of their clients and potential clients, no matter where they are.

Are You Looking for an Immigration Attorney You Can Trust?

An experienced immigration attorney can help you navigate the complexities of your case for positive results. The process is complex – with federal regulations and procedures changing frequently – which can have a profound effect on applicants both financially and emotionally. An efficient way to get through this difficult time is by getting legal representation from an expert in immigration law like Gillespie Shields. We understand that everyone’s immigration situation is unique, and we’re committed to understanding the individual needs of our clients. Our skilled team of lawyers will research your case thoroughly in order to provide you with a range of options for success. We believe it’s important for our clients to know what steps are involved during each stage in the process, so if any concerns or questions arise along the way, we’ll be able to address them clearly and helpfully. Contact us today for your consultation!

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