Do you qualify?

To qualify for asylum and individual must have suffered persecution due to their race, religion, nationality, social affiliation, or political opinion.

How to Apply

There is a one year filing deadline to apply for an I-589, Application for Asylum for Withholding of Removal after entering the United States. Spouses and children can be derivative applicants under a primary applicant who has suffered persecution with a credible fear of return.  There are exceptions to overcome the one year filing deadline. Applicants have a much better chance when applying for the I-589 if they are represented by an experienced attorney who understands their story and can ask the right questions regarding their experience to advocate for them at every step of the way.


The Asylum Process

  • Arrive in the United States through an official port of entry.
  • Complete and submit Form I-589 within one year of arrival.
  • Schedule and complete the required fingerprinting and background check.
  • Complete an asylum interview.  Receive an official decision regarding your application.

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