Temporary Orders

What are temporary orders?

A temporary order is a court ruling on important issues that will last until trial where you get your final, permanent court orders. These issues can anything from child care, parent-time, support, attorney’s fees, to questions regarding a marital residence. The temporary orders will give both parties direction on how to manage these situations while the case moves forward.

Going to trial is a long a grueling process and can sometimes last for years before a final order is given. When filing for temporary orders, you receive a court date that acts like an accelerated mini-trial to temporarily address the most important issues of your case. To ensure a successful outcome in your favor, it’s best to talk with a qualified Phoenix temporary order lawyer, like our team at GillespieShields.

Why are temporary orders important?

Temporary orders are extremely important for a variety of reasons. A temporary orders hearing is the first chance you get to plead your case in front of the Judge. It is a very important step to set your case in the right direction and will often cast the dye for the rest of the case. The final judgment on a case is often extremely similar to the original temporary orders. Additionally, you may find yourself abiding by temporary orders for longer than you anticipated. If you do not have sufficient representation, you may find yourself following unfair or unmanageable temporary orders for years until you reach trial. This is especially important for family law cases involving children. Temporary orders regarding school decisions are very important to put in place before a school year starts.

How we can help

Temporary orders are one example of where our legal skills come in handy. Time management is extremely important when handling temporary orders. As opposed to preparing for a trial, you only have a short time to gather information and inform the Judge about the most important things in your case when moving forward with temporary orders. Hiring an attorney for this stage of your case is vital, and we can help get your case moving in the right direction by making sure you receive maintainable and fair temporary orders. Contact us today!

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