Divorce Modification

Occasionally, divorce decrees will need to be modified after they have already been implemented. Modifications require that a post-decree petition is filed and either changes or enforces already existing orders. Modifications aren’t always complicated, but they do necessitate competent legal advice and appropriate documentation. The attorneys at GillespieShields, our Phoenix modifications attorneys have extensive experience in all matters of family law, including divorce and post-decree modifications. We can provide you with exceptional legal counsel and effective representation. We have been practicing family law and several other specializations in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding communities since 1985.

Reasons for Child Support Modifications in Phoenix, AZ

There are several reasons that a post-decree modification may be necessary. As parents undergo changes in their lives, they may need to adjust the arrangements of their custody schedule or support payments to fit the situation.

Typically, modifications are necessary if a child no longer needs support, living conditions change, a second marriage occurs, or anything else that may warrant modification. Legal orders regarding child and spousal support, custody arrangements, and parenting time can all be changed through the modification process. You can ask for a modification of child support every three years if the change is within a 15% range of the original amount.

Usually, changes to a custody order are not granted unless there are extenuating circumstances which justify the modification, or both parents mutually agree to the change. A change in parenting time or legal decision-making can be sought through an experienced attorney who knows how to build a case. Our Phoenix modification lawyers are well-versed in modification procedures and documentation and will work on your behalf to make the court aware of your changing situation.

Justifying Your Modification Needs

The court will expect parents pursing a post decree modification to justify the reason for a change. To justify the modification, the parents must show there have been significant life changes. Situations like job loss, relocation, or a significant change in income can warrant a change in child support payments. Courts are usually reluctant to modify custody orders, and they usually only do so if a parent becomes incapacitated, abuses a child, or if both parties agree.

Justifying a modification can be complicated, so it is always best to seek competent legal assistance. Using a modifications lawyer to fight on your behalf will raise your chances of obtaining the outcome you’re hoping for. Our attorneys at GillespieShields are experts in custody and support modifications, and we can represent you in a way that meets your needs. We take time to familiarize ourselves with our clients’ stories so we know the best strategies to build while keeping you and your child’s best interests in mind.

Seeking Competent Counsel for Post-Decree Modifications?

Based out of Phoenix, AZ, the Law Offices of GillespieShields have been serving Maricopa County for 30 years. We are a team of experienced attorneys who offer collaborative experience over a broad spectrum of law practices.

We specialize in all concentrations of family law, in addition to estate planning, business law, employment law, and catastrophic injury cases. We are a family-focused law firm, and we keep your best interests in mind when developing a strategy to represent you. Our modifications attorneys take a personalized approach to all of our clients and take the time to listen to their individual needs before going forward. Our collaborative team of attorneys works hard for you to find solutions to even the most complex issues. We are committed to providing effective representation and undeniable value to our clients. We hope you will contact us for any of your legal needs.

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