Employment Handbooks

As a business owner, giving your employees a handbook is very important.

  • The handbook will give you the peace of mind knowing that you are complying with Arizona and Federal employment laws.
  • You can set the tone and culture of your business through the handbook so that you maximize the opportunity to have a happy, productive workforce.
  • Having a handbook adds a level of professionalism to the business that attracts and retains employees.
  • The handbook sets clear expectations, rights, and responsibilities thus promoting the goal of having a harmonious workforce.

Christopher R. Houk tailors employee handbooks for businesses by meeting with the business owners to determine the needs and culture of the business. Training for management and employees is also available to implement the standards set forth in the handbook.

Employers can choose the topics they wish to include in the handbook. The areas covered can include the following topics:

  • Welcome statement to the employees by the owner of the company
  • Non-discrimination Policy
    • ADA
    • FMLA
    • Harassment
  • Wages
    • Overtime
    • Leave
  • Workplace Safety
  • Confidentiality
    • Trade Secrets

Depending on the subjects the employer would like to be covered, the cost of the handbook ranges from $5,000 to $10,000. Training to implement the handbook ranges from $1,000 to $5,000.

To get started creating the professional work atmosphere you desire—by formulating handbooks and implementing training—please contact our firm to assist you in this process.


1. Protect your business against harassment claims by co-workers.

Generally, if (1) your business has a good handbook and training program in place and (2) you take prompt action to stop harassment by co-workers, you will be in compliance with federal and state laws that prohibit harassment. Thus, the employment handbook is a key part of the plan to protect your company against harassment claims.

2. Liability insurance rates may go down.

Writers of insurance policies for businesses may take into account your company’s commitment to training and prevention of violations of the law when calculating insurance rates for your company. Handbooks are part of an effective prevention plan.

3. Increase the professionalism of your company.

Handbooks add professionalism to businesses. A well-thought out handbook sets clear employee expectations and rights, thus attracting a higher caliber workforce.

4. Setting forth your company’s mission statement.

Handbooks are an excellent opportunity to express the mission statement of your business and establish your company’s tone, culture, and values. Having a mission statement gives your employees a sense of identity, binding them together with a common sense of purpose.

5. Prevent problems from getting out of control.

Giving employees an effective complaint procedure may help diffuse difficult situations early, so that you can prevent a larger problem.

If you’d like assistance drafting an employee handbook or providing training on workplace laws, such as discrimination, harassment, overtime, FMLA, and other issues, please feel free to contact us.

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