John Foley


  • US Supreme Court 9th and 10th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals Courts
  • Federal Circuit Courts for Arizona and Oklahoma
  • State Bar for Arizona and Oklahoma


  • Member of Executive Council of Juvenile Section of the Arizona State Bar


Civil Law, Criminal Law

John Foley


John has been in litigation for over 40 years.

During my time in Arizona , I have been a civil litigator, dependency trial attorney and I worked a year for the Pinal County Attorney. For that period I was the supervisor of the Juvenile Delinquency Unit and worked in the Major Crimes Unit.

Before Arizona, there was Oklahoma. I have tried almost every kind of case there is in adult criminal and civil. As a prosecutor I tried everything from capital murder to misdemeanors. I served as the Juvenile Unit Supervisor which prosecuted both delinquencies and dependency cases. I left prosecution and became General Counsel of Oklahoma’s State Juvenile Delinquency Agency. The Agency provided diversion, probation, detention, and secure residential services to the State. I am most proud of bringing closure in federal court of a class action civil rights suit that had been pending over delinquency and dependency for 25 years. After my General Counsel years, I went back to criminal defense and civil litigation where I have tried cases in both state and federal court. Cases have included virtually everything from civil rights violation, to medical malpractice, to employment, to products liability, and to ERISA. There are very few experts that I have not deposed or cross examined.

But the real joy of my life now is my family: my wife Janice and I have 10 kids (5 children and 5 wonderful spouses) and 4 grandkids ranging in age from 16 to 2. I have been blessed in my career and in my personal life.


  • Oklahoma Baptist University BA History 1978
  • Univ of Oklahoma Juris Doctor 1981

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