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In Arizona, How Long Does A Divorce Usually Take?

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Divorce is one of the most difficult processes that exist. It can be emotionally draining, especially if you are involved in a long-term marriage with children. A divorce can also be costly and time-consuming, depending on how contentious it becomes. How long does a divorce usually take in Arizona? This blog post will detail the steps to get through your divorce as quickly and inexpensively as possible so you can move on with your life! 

The average length for an uncontested divorce is about six months from filing to final judgment. If there are any contested issues, the process could take much longer than this timeframe because it will depend on what those issues are and how they affect child custody or property distribution among other things. In addition to these factors, the judge may require additional time for consideration of any evidence that is presented.

If you are considering divorce, it is important to have a family law attorney who can help protect your rights and advocate for you throughout this difficult process.

The process of getting your divorce finalized can take 90-120 days on average, but it all depends. If you’re seeking an uncontested split where both spouses agree to the terms without fighting then expect about 60 days for this type of situation (as per Arizona law). However, if one person wants more involvement in proceedings or disagrees with certain aspects they may require more time due to their demands being less simple than others’. You should also know that there are different ways divorces could end up taking place which might affect how long each step entails – so make sure before committing yourself.


Here are the factors affecting how long the divorce may take process:

  • Divorce is never easy, but it becomes even more complicated when you have minor children. You need to address property division and support for your kids before anything else can happen in a divorce settlement agreement. That means that if both parents agree on everything- from how long they’ll be seen as custodians or which parent will pay child support retroactively dating back two years past- then there’s still paperwork involved just because some agreements are worth signing!
  • Figuring out who is responsible for the debt created during the marriage can hold up your divorce as well. Divorce proceedings are complicated enough without adding this additional layer of complexity, but it’s important if you want any chance at getting fairness when it comes time to divide all marital property (such as houses and cars). Even though one person may have sole ownership in their name alone, anything purchased with money from joint accounts will likely be considered community property subject to division unless there are specific factors proving otherwise–which could take some time!
  • One factor that petitioners and respondents cannot control is the caseload of a court. Processing paperwork can extend their Arizona divorce process timeline if they’re dealing with particularly busy courts, so it’s important to prepare as best you can!Family law attorney Mesa & Phoenix Arizona, Mesa & Phoenix AZ Family law attorney, Top Family law attorney, Best Family law attorney, Civil law attorney, Estate planning attorney

Uncontested Divorce

A divorce is never easy, but an entirely uncontested one can be the simplest. This means that both people involved in your marriage agree to every term and provision of decree (and parenting plan for children if they’re involved). In general, there are no disagreements about how assets should be divided or financial obligations settled on either side – making this a rare scenario.

When there are two people who agree to get a divorce but disagree on the terms, it’s often up for negotiation with their attorneys. If that doesn’t work out either party can go through formal mediation which helps them settle any differences they might have in regards to division or custody plans – these issues may not just disappear after one person gets what he wants.

Contested Divorce

A contested divorce can be more complicated than an uncontested one. In these cases, the people disagree on issues like property division and custody of children from previous marriages or relationships; disputes arise even after working with a lawyer or going through mediation to resolve their differences in an amicable fashion–a judge will still have final say over who gets what when they get into court room-based decisions about how things should work out between you two.

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