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Heritage Academy Laveen


Heritage Academy is committed to youth development and growth. The goal of education is to develop strong character. A strong family, a strong community, and a strong nation all reflect a strong character.

While teaching academic disciplines, Heritage Academy is committed to instilling in today’s youth a knowledge of and respect for the ideals and values of history’s great men and women, including those who founded the American nation.

As today’s rising generation gains an appreciation of these people of accomplishment, they will be ready to provide the selfless service to their fellow citizens and to their country which will be required in the coming years to assist in preserving America’s greatness. Heritage Academy exists to this end.


Heritage Academy maintains a clean, moral, and positive environment in which scholars can feel safe – safe from physical harm, addictive substances, and damaging gossip and stereotyping.

Heritage Academy teaches the fundamentals of history, math, writing, literature, reading, science, music, foreign language, visual art, performing arts, and physical development.

Heritage Academy is known as a school of excellence where all scholars and parents honestly say that the time spent at Heritage has been the best schooling experience of their lives.

Heritage Academy serves grades 7-12.


While teaching academic disciplines, Heritage Academy is committed to instilling in today’s youth a knowledge of and respect for the ideals and values of history’s great men and women, including those who founded the American nation.

7th and 8th Grade Education Program

Heritage Academy’s junior high courses are designed to help students meet and exceed the basic requirements in English, History, Math, and Science before moving on to the high school curriculum. They encourage all of their scholars to strive for excellence so that the foundation laid in junior high can serve as a stepping stone to greater success. To help their scholars in this endeavor, they offer classes in classical languages, reading, and writing in addition to the basic course work.

Classical Languages

Latin I

All junior high students will be enrolled in a Latin course that will introduce them to the great classical language of Latin. Scholars will discover why the Founding Fathers placed such a high value on this language. They will learn how Latin can help them improve their English knowledge, SAT scores, and serve as a springboard to learning other Foreign Languages (particularly French and Spanish), Math, Science, Medicine, Literature, and many other subjects. Students will study the alphabet, vocabulary, roots, and other aspects of this language. This course will teach students how to read, write, and understand this magnificent language.

Latin II

A brief review of Latin I and then second-year skills such as translating stories, poems and passages will be added.


Based on the results of their entrance placement exam, each student is assigned to a math class. Another assessment is given on the first day of class to help determine if the placement is appropriate for the student. If a change is suggested, scholars and parents are notified, and schedules are adjusted. They make every effort to place the scholars in the math class that is best suited to their individual skill level. If parents or students believe the placement is not a good fit, they should contact the teacher. 

Jr. High-level math courses include the following:

  • General Math
  • Pre-Algebra

Reading and Writing

Unless they have demonstrated proficiency in a Heritage Academy reading/writing summer school class, all 7th grade scholars who do not pass the reading/writing Heritage Academy placement test will be enrolled in a Reading/Writing Skills Class. Yearly English classes will be required for all 7th and 8th grade students.

The curriculum in 7th and 8th grade English classes is rigorous and focuses on literature, grammar, speaking, and writing skills. Classic literature studies from a variety of genres include critical thinking and subsequent writing experiences. The composition program emphasizes writing as a process, including prewriting, rough drafts, revising, editing, and final copy publication.

High School Curriculum Requirements/Recommendations

Heritage Academy offers one scholastic diploma; all scholars must earn 26 credits and meet the graduation requirements listed below. Scholars are also encouraged to go above and beyond the requirements for graduation. Those who go above and beyond the graduation requirements may enroll in one or more honors classes. Scholars who intend to attend a four-year college or university should pay close attention to the requirements listed below. Before advancing, those attending a junior college must also satisfy all of the entrance requirements of Arizona universities, whether in high school or at the junior college level.

All high school students are encouraged to broaden and improve their skills. They encourage students to be interested in and involved in music, art, and sports. All scholars who want to join the orchestra or choir must audition and are placed based on their skill level. Classes are available at all levels, from beginner to advanced. Scholars are also encouraged to improve their physical abilities.

Mesa, Arizona is blessed to be the home of many of the state’s best middle schools.  Here’s a shortlist you should check out: 

  • Santa Maria Middle School
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  • Heritage Academy Laveen
  • Mesa Arts Academy
  • Imagine Schools East Mesa Elementary and Middle School
  • BASIS Mesa
  • Mesa Distance Learning Program

All of these wonderful landmarks are located just a short distance from our location at 1630 South Stapley Drive, Suite 212 in Mesa, Arizona! Stop by for a visit anytime!


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