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Divorce can be a complicated and emotional process. It is essential to work with an attorney who will fight for your rights in court proceedings, but even “simple” divorces require significant paperwork that must be done properly, or else conflict could lead long term litigation when unnecessary escalates during the breakup of marriage between spouses don’t know about divorce mediation which should always come before starting on going through legal battle as they help ensure everything goes smoothly by making sure everyone’s best interests guide them throughout each step along the way.

One important thing you might not realize is how much thought needs to be put into deciding whether it would benefit both parties more if we tried negotiating through a mediator first.

Divorce vs. Legal Separation

Some couples find that a legal separation is preferable to divorce until they can negotiate final asset, finance, and child issues. In Arizona obtaining one requires mutual agreement or if the marriage has broken down so badly there are no reasonable chances for reconciliation; in this case, it’s best just go ahead with what some people refer to as “legal separation.”

The couple will sign an agreement to resolve debt, property, and child-related issues. Most couples consult with an attorney or mediator when completing this document especially if there are complex assets involved like in the case of children; however, for legal separation, it is necessary that both parties have their own representation present at all times because they cannot represent one another during negotiations on these terms alone while still remaining married.

Legal separation is most often pursued so that spouses may remain on one another’s health insurance, for religious reasons, or as a temporary means to separate their lives while they make the difficult decision about whether divorce is right for them.

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Reasons for Filing a Divorce

Every state has its own laws regarding divorce- or “dissolution,” as the courts call it in Arizona. After a dissolution proceeding is final, marriage is no more between husband and wife; instead, they are free to go on their separate ways without any legal recognition of what once was an officially registered partnership with all rights accorded under the law.

One of the best things about Arizona’s divorce law is that there isn’t any need to find fault. All you have to do is state your intention and let a judge decide who will get custody, property division, or alimony payments!

What is Covenant Marriage?

Arizona is one of three states with a kind of marriage that’s legally distinct from traditional marriages. This extra option for couples in AZ, called “covenant” or “definite intent” ceremonies (depending upon where you live), means they’ll go through premarital counseling before signing formal vows to be bound by them forevermore-and if things get tough during their lifetime together? Well, then there are limited legal options available only when both spouses agree on dissolution!

What’s the Consent Divorce Process?

If the Arizona Superior Court can finalize a dissolution of marriage without going through an expensive and time-consuming trial process, it’s likely many people will choose this option. In situations where both spouses agree to all terms including child custody arrangements for their children or spousal support payments from one party towards another after they’ve been separated because every couple must come up with something that works best for themselves before getting married as well as during times when there has been conflicting over finances–the Consent Divorce Process becomes increasingly attractive since those kinds of issues could otherwise lead into costly litigation later down the line.

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