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What Is The Most Common Reason For Filing For Divorce?

When you’re going through a divorce, you could feel extremely lonely or as if no one knows what you’re going through. Those are both very reasonable responses to a challenging scenario that can feel like a slow-motion car accident.

And, as difficult as things may be, knowing that you aren’t alone can be reassuring. Understanding the leading reasons for divorce may, at the absolute least, help you make sense of the forces that have torn you apart.

Perhaps you and your partner have been having an “off” relationship lately. Your quarrels have become more frequent, and your conflicts have become more prolonged. Every marriage hits a snag at some point. Knowing why people get divorced can help you make better decisions.

The Most Common Reasons for Divorce

  • Extramarital Affair or Infidelity

The study states that “infidelity has been often cited in a deteriorating relationship as a critical turning point.” In fact, it has been cited by the main participants as the “final straw.” Some common reasons for fraud are neglected, problems with insecurity or the fear of abandonment.

  • Financial Issues

If a few people do not see the way finances are handled on the same page, this may cause dreadful issues. According to the statistics of divorce the “end straw” motive for divorce is a financial incompatibility and nearly 41% of the divorce is caused. All from different spending patterns and financial purposes to a spouse who makes significantly more money than the other, causing a power struggle, can make marriage a rupture. Furthermore, differences in how much money every partner brings can lead to the power play between a couple.

  • Communication Gap

Communication is essential to marriage and the absence of effective communication leads to both resentment and frustration, and this has an impact on all aspects of marriage. Yelling at your spouse, not talking all day long enough, making unhealthy comments, all unhealthy communication methods that have to be divorced in marriage.

On the other hand, the foundations of a strong marriage are good communication. When two people share their lives, they need to be able to talk about what they need, understand and try to satisfy their partner’s needs.

  • Too much squabbling and arguing

Whether it’s arguing about chores or arguing about the kids, constant arguing destroys many relationships. Couples who often again appear to have the same argument because they feel that they are not heard or appreciated.

Many find it difficult to see the point of view of the other person, which leads to many arguments without ever reaching a resolution. 

  • Abuse, both physical and emotional

Abuse, whether physical or emotional, is a sad reality for some couples and contributes to 23.5 percent of divorces. Deep emotional issues are usually to blame, rather than the abuser being a “bad” person. Regardless of the reason, no one should tolerate abuse, and it is critical to safely exit the relationship.

  • Getting married at an early age

The average age of marriage was 23.3 years in the study, who quoted their age as      a problem. The age of marriage has dramatically changed in the last 50 years, according to the Pew Research Centre. 59% of 18-29 year-olds were married in 1960. In 2010 this figure fell to 20% fifty years later. And for a man the average age of 28.7 and a woman in 2011 for the first marriage was 26.5. The two were in their early 20s, 50 years earlier.

  • Cohabitation before marriage

Couples who live together prior to marriage appear to be more likely to divorce if they marry, but this is mostly true for those who have cohabited with multiple partners. A common misconception is that living together before marriage allows you to get to know each other better; however, research has shown that those who live together before marriage have already developed some leniency toward divorce.

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