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Top 10 Best Family Law Attorneys in Mesa, Arizona (Updated for 2021)

We know finding the best Family Law Attorney in Mesa, Arizona can be difficult, so we put together this detailed list of the best of the best so you can make your decision wisely.  Each Mesa Family Law practice offers various specializations to choose from to suit their client’s needs; from Divorce cases to complex Child Custody cases to Spousal Support. This list of amazing Family Law firms in Mesa is ever-changing and expanding, so please check back often. If you find another location that should be listed here – or one that should be removed – please let us know! 

1. GillespieShields

       1630 S Stapley Drive #212, Mesa, Arizona 85204, United States (480) 985-4000


GillespieShields Logo

About: GillespieShields is a law firm that listens to its client’s needs and objectives. The attorneys at GillespieShields are well-versed in a variety of different legal fields, ranging from family law to civil suits, employment disputes and probate cases. Their Mesa lawyers have the knowledge and experience required to help their clients navigate the complex legal system. Above all, they believe in advocating for their clients with honesty and integrity. They work diligently to help resolve their clients’ legal matters. They will answer your questions and use their understanding of the law and legal system to be an effective attorney in your case. With a well-formulated strategy, they will be able to achieve a good outcome for your situation. The firm has been practicing law since 1985 in seven different areas. DeeAnn Gillespie is the founder of the firm and since its practice law in the Mesa area and had added some attorneys in the firm. Today, they have 11 experienced attorneys. 

Practice Areas Offered: Family, Employment, Civil, Criminal, Probate, Immigration, Appellate.

What Makes Them Different: GillespieShields is well-known throughout Mesa as a law firm that works with clients professionally and in a friendly manner. They will go out of their way to defend your legal position. They know that each of their clients face unique challenges and therefore they strive to minimize the time and cost to clients while advocating for their best interests.

2. Ellsworth Family Law, P.C.

       1630 S Stapley Drive #200, Mesa, Arizona 85204, United States (480) 635-8700

About: Ellsworth Family Law believes every case is unique. So, they take their time to speak to clients about the facts and issues in each case. You can contact them and schedule an initial consultation with an attorney from them. Each initial consultation is $250.00 for approximately one hour. Have your court documents ready so the attorney can review them. They will answer your questions regarding your options, fees, and an appropriate strategy. The firm has been established since 2003 by Mr. Ellsworth. He is a Certified Family Law Specialist Attorney by the State Bar of Arizona. The firm grew and included two more attorneys, Glenn D. Halterman, a Certified Family Law Attorney, and F. Taylor Larson, who is familiar with family law and personal injury matters. They also hired three expert paralegals, some legal assistants, support staff to handle all cases professionally and efficiently.

Services Offered: Divorce, Mediation, Spousal Maintenance, Prenuptial Agreements, Legal Name Change, Post Divorce Modifications, Grandparents Rights, Termination of Parental Rights, Child Custody, Paternity, Adoption, Relocation, Visitation, Appeals, Legal Separation, Auto Accidents, Personal Injury, Document Prep.

What Makes Them Different:  They will handle your case with great care, attention to detail, concern, and professionalism. With their expertise, you will be guided through the process and in the end.

3. Hogle Family Law

       1013 S Stapley Drive A, Mesa, Arizona 85204, United States (480) 900-2300

About: Hogle Family Law has been in the industry for a decade. They have experience of helping families who struggle on various family law challenges. They are ready to help and will fight for the best interests of your family. They have family and divorce lawyers who will give you support in stressful times. When you are in need of what to do regarding filing your paperworks, you can talk to them regarding child custody, division of property, and both spousal and child support. Filing a divorce is tough but they will help you do it in a proactive approach to make sure you will be supported throughout the process. 

Services Offered: Divorce, Child Custody.

What Makes Them Different: They are very helpful and understanding with each case. With a good explanation, they will do what’s right for you and let you realize your rights.

4. Kuipers Law PLLC

       1201 S Alma School Road Suite 12750, Mesa, Arizona 85210, United States (602) 638-3790

About: Kuipers Law PLLC was established in 2011 by Benjamin Kuipers. They have been known to provide good service and sound legal expertise with each client they face. Using their knowledge, they are committed to strategize a solution on behalf of their client. They focus on their client’s goals and objectives. Moreover, they have a team who will coordinate and organize things quickly and effectively. They respond to their clients’ needs so they can develop good relationships. Considering the economic realities, they will present their expertise and solutions at affordable rates. Providing great quality legal counsel to their clients, they are willing to help people facing personal legal issues such as family law, child custody, divorce matters, and emergency hearings throughout Arizona. 

Services Offered: Family Law, Child Support, Criminal Defense, Civil Defense.

What Makes Them Different: Kuipers Law PLLC is one of the law firms that will try to handle cases with their best ability. They are smart, effective, and fair in their dealings. You won’t be disappointed to spend time with their honest attorneys.

5. McWhorter Law Firm

       3707 E Southern Avenue Unit 1011, Mesa, Arizona 85206, United States (480) 246-8074

About: McWhorter Law Firm is committed to getting results and walking you through the legal system of the complex family law in the Phoenix metro area. The firm is spearheaded by Heath McWhorter. He’s been known to be an aggressive advocate for his clients. He understands his clients by asking them important questions and explaining to them in detail the options for each case. He’s been practicing law for nearly two decades. His team is also committed to deliver the best for their clients. They will provide tailored solutions to every individual. They aim to make clients comfortable while making difficult decisions that come to their client’s way.

Services Offered: Child Custody Arrangements, Child Support, Spousal Maintenance, Divorce.

What Makes Them Different: McWhorter Law Firm is very easy to communicate with, honest, reliable, and trustworthy.

6. Jensen Family Law

       3740 E Southern Avenue Suite 210, Mesa, Arizona 85206, United States (480) 999-2321


About: Jensen Family Law has a team of Family Lawyers in Mesa having more than 10 years of experience serving Arizona residents. They are very understanding when clients seek help. They know that an individual might be going through the most challenging and uncertain times of their life. They will provide passionate and compassionate legal representation so you will be at ease that your legal rights are safeguarded. With over 20 years of experience, they have the knowledge and power to help you and encourage you during difficult times of handling your family law case.

Services Offered: Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Community Property, Parenting Plan, Annulment, Arizona Family Law.

What Makes Them Different: Jensen Family Law will give attention to detail. They will take time answering all your questions and jotting down information. They are knowledgeable and fair. 

7. Rowley Chapman & Barney, Ltd.

       63 E Main Street Suite 501, Mesa, Arizona 85201, United States (480) 833-1113

About: Rowley Chapman & Barney, Ltd. handles many areas of law. They have served different clients from individuals to families to business owners. They have built a good reputation and a history of success. They have maintained good relationships with their clients since 1987 by showing lasting values. They have been rated AV by Martindale Hubbell(the highest rating). They have a team of attorneys serving the highest quality of services at a fair price while always being considerate of their client’s requirements. Though they have attorneys in different practice areas, every attorney focuses on his or her area so they are sure to deliver a high degree of competence. If you need more assistance in an area of law that is not with an attorney you already talked to in their firm, they have another department that will help you give good service from another attorney in the firm. 

Services Offered: Divorce with Children, Divorce without Children, Collaborative Divorce, Divorce Mediation Services, Division of Marital Property, Legal Separation Attorney, Spousal Maintenance (Alimony), Military Divorce-Custody Issues, Modification & Enforcement of Divorce Decrees, Property Settlement Agreements, Pre-Nuptial & Post Nuptial Agreements, SB 1127 Changes in Child Custody Child Support Modification & Enforcement of Child Support Orders Parenting Time & Visitation Rights (Child Custody) Legal Decision-Making Relocation of Children Issues Termination of Parental Rights Grandparents Rights Paternity Actions.

What Makes Them Different: Rowley Chapman & Barley, Ltd. will treat you with care as an individual. They are very communicative, helpful, friendly, & caring. They have a great team in the valley.

8. John Bednarz, P.C.

        28 W Juniper Avenue Suite 201, Gilbert, Arizona 85233, United States (480) 507-6677

About: John Bednarz, P.C. will support you regarding divorce, child custody dispute, and child support enforcement. The law firm has an experienced family law attorney who will work with you to strategize the most sound, reasonable solutions applicable to your priorities and goals. They will also help you balance the demands of a certain situation while considering the interests of you and your children. They aim to focus solutions that will benefit your family. They offer initial consultations so you can listen to practical advice and experience their casual client service atmosphere. They’ll make you comfortable while dealing with difficult family problems. 

Services Offered: Divorce Child Custody and Visitation Child Support Property Division Retirement Assets Alimony Modification And Enforcement Domestic Violence Father’s Rights Grandparent Visitation Paternity Uncontested Divorce Legal Document Services.

What Makes Them Different: John Bednarz, P.C. is very understanding and patient with all your concerns and needs. They will inform you with the necessary information. The firm will be fair and honest.

9. Edwards & Petersen, PLC

      2345 S Alma School Rd #204, Mesa, AZ 85210, United States (480) 418-5656

About: Edwards & Petersen, PLC has a team of attorneys who are experience and outcome-driven. They maintain honesty and integrity when dealing with their clients. They have a personalized approach to unique legal situations and they are committed to get results you are seeking. Their lawyers are very attentive in each case and will truly care about your welfare, future, and success. They will work with you hand-in-hand to protect your rights and return your stability. They are compassionate and trustworthy while aggressive in getting positive results. They’ve been practicing different areas like family law, DUI, and criminal cases since 2013.

Services Offered: Divorce, Legal Decision Making, Child Support, Spousal Maintenance, Court Order Modifications, Domestic Violence, Disorderly Conduct, Criminal damage, Criminal Speeding, Assault.

What Makes Them Different: Edwards & Petersen, PLC is quick to take action and responsive. They will help you with the process running smoothly. They are honest and professional.

10. My AZ Lawyers

           1731 W Baseline Road #101, Mesa, Arizona 85202, United States (480) 448-9800

About: With knowledge and expertise, My AZ Lawyers will handle your case with care. You can work with an attorney who is best suited for cases with specific details. They will help you have detailed and realistic agreements. They will help you get through the unfortunate circumstances. The trial lawyers in this firm have experience in the courtroom and they will protect you and get you the best results. They will help you realize your rights and needs so that a good outcome when dealing your case. Their attorneys have special training in their practice areas and become experts in each subject matter.

Services Offered: Divorce, Parental Decision Making, Split Custody, Split Custody, Spousal Support, Child Support, Post and Pre-nuptial Agreements & more, DUI and DWI Defense Bankruptcy Chapter 7,and 13 Bankruptcies Family Law Modifications Custody Issues Arizona Expungement Attorney Criminal Defense Custody and Family Law Matters

What Makes Them Different: My AZ Lawyers are very caring and understanding with their client’s situation. Their team will exceed your expectations and help you boost your confidence. 

Are You Looking for a Family Law Attorney in Mesa, Arizona You Can Trust?

The attorneys at GillespieShields are well-versed in a variety of different legal fields, ranging from family law to civil suits, employment disputes and probate cases. Although we specialize in several areas of practice, our greatest passion is family law. We believe in giving families peace of mind no matter their situation, and we fight hard to maintain that peace. Whether you’re filing for dissolution or divorce, determining custody of your children, or thinking about adopting children, our experienced attorneys are here to help you every step of the way.  During our private, one-on-one consultation, we’ll take the necessary time to answer and and all of our questions surrounding Arizona’s family laws, your family’s unique situation, and the possible court outcomes. Contact us today for your consultation!

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