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by | Apr 12, 2019 | Divorce and Family Law

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Study Reveals Correlation Between Gender Roles and Divorce

Did you know that two-thirds of separations are initiated by women? But what is it that leads a woman to file for divorce or separation? The answer might surprise you.

A recent study threw researchers for a loop after they predicted that women who could support themselves financially would be more likely to leave a marriage. They found that their hypothesis was incorrect, and it is actually unhappiness in the marriage that causes the highest percentage of women to leave, regardless of financial autonomy. Seeking legal representation from an Arizona divorce attorney is a logical next step in these cases.


Divorce Trends

Overall, financial issues and marital satisfaction are the two most often cited reasons for divorce. But research conducted at Ohio State University revealed that financial independence mattered a lot less than marital satisfaction when it came to women filing for divorce.

Interestingly, the one third of divorces initiated by men were most commonly filed by males who were unemployed and staying at home taking care of the kids.

The study also found that women three or more years older than their husbands were twice as likely to be left by their husbands. Additionally, women whose parents split up were more likely to initiate the divorce.


Impact of Changing Gender Roles

So what does this mean for marriage, divorce and the changing gender roles in society? Well, it appears from the study that more women in the workplace has not necessarily led to more women leaving their husbands. However, it does seem to show that men care slightly more about the “gender roles” in the home and are less comfortable letting go of the “traditional” roles.

Also, even though the times have changed, it appears that the classic issues regarding finances and martial satisfaction are still the main causes for divorce and separation. Do you agree?


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