It’s not Uncommon to Feel Hesitation When You Decide to Divorce

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It’s Not Uncommon to Feel Hesitation When you Decide to Divorce

For many Phoenix-area couples, a decision to end a marriage is soon followed by legal action, but that timeline isn’t true for everyone. The choice to divorce often comes after attempts by at least one spouse to reinvigorate the marriage along with long contemplation about marital happiness, the effects on children, and property division concerns.

A spouse’s feeling that a marriage is past its expiration date may not be shared by the other spouse. It’s not unusual for one partner to look for an exit, while the other tries to block the door. Even when divorce seems inevitable, many couples hesitate to move into the legal process. Divorce can seem like a large emotional step, after the exhausting choice to get one.


Why the Delay?

Some couples stay together until a financial obstacle is overcome. Older couples sometimes prepare to divorce, after fulfilling parental obligations to minor children. Spouses wait until the kids are in college or independently settled, before dissolving the marriage.

Some married partners, like the owner of the National Football League’s Indianapolis Colts and his wife, separate for months or years without divorcing. Billionaire Jim Irsay and his wife Meg spent the last decade of their 33-year marriage living apart. When Meg Irsay recently filed for divorce, she simply stated the marriage was “irretrievably broken.”

Reports indicated the high-asset divorce did not appear contentious. Jim Irsay, with an estimated worth of more than $1.6 billion, has complete ownership of the team. Meg Irsay, involved in her own professional ventures, apparently had no objections to the arrangement.

Timing from Filing to Finalization

Under Arizona laws, one spouse can begin the no-fault divorce with the filing of a petition. A joint petition also may be filed. At least 60 days must pass after a non-filing spouse is made aware of the request, before a divorce can be granted. Finalization takes place once both parties have agreed to the divorce’s terms.


Our Attorneys can Assist in Filing for Divorce

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