In Arizona, Who Is Able To Become A Naturalized Citizen?

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In Arizona, Who Is Able To Become A Naturalized Citizen?

Becoming a naturalized citizen is one of the most important and rewarding steps in an immigrant’s journey. It provides new immigrants with numerous opportunities, such as voting and owning land. But what if you were born outside of the United States? What are your chances of becoming a naturalized citizen? In Arizona, it all depends on when you became a permanent resident or green cardholder. If you have been living in Arizona for less than five years, then there are certain requirements that must be met before being eligible to apply for citizenship. For example, you must have lived here continuously since your arrival in America or accumulated at least 36 months in residence in the U.S., after meeting other qualifications like good moral character and knowledge of the English language and U.S. history and government.

There are various ways a person can acquire U.S citizenship: through being born in another country with at least one parent who was already an American citizen, automatically becoming a permanent resident when they were born and later applying for naturalization after three to five years of residency as well as fulfilling certain requirements such as maintaining legal residence during this time period before filing; thus making you eligible if both parents had been granted the privilege by law (either on their own or because it was passed down from ancestors). Before seeking out these paths towards achieving your dream nationality, be sure that there isn’t anything else standing between you and enjoying life abroad including criminal charges related directly back home like outstanding student loans.

Naturalization is the process of becoming an American citizen. In order to apply for naturalization, one must meet certain requirements that include:


  • Being at least 18 years old with Proof (elliptical or contact lenses);
  • being eligible as determined by U Visa laws; 
  • permanently living in America on either permanent resident status OR green card holder AND married filing jointly or separately WITHIN 3 YEARS consecutive periods where the marriage lasted over 2 yrs each

In addition to meeting the qualifications for applying, you must also meet other legal requirements. This includes passing an examination on basic understanding of reading and writing English in U.S government history with a good moral character that is proven by documents or proof from our Phoenix-based citizenship attorney (to help guide your process).

You must first file a Form-400 with your local USCIS office and send it along with copies of the green card, passport-style pictures you took for their photo album. After some months or so in which they will process all this information together as well conduct interviews at scheduled times to get an idea about what is happening on these ends before making any final decisions about citizenship status—you’ll find out if there are more forms that need completing after fingerprinting & interviewing!

Language Test

The English proficiency test is meant to demonstrate that, without too much difficulty or a language barrier you are able to participate in the economic and social aspects of life in America.

You’ll be speaking, reading, and writing in the naturalization interview. The officer conducting your test will ask you questions about yourself as well as have you read aloud sections from Form N-400—the application for citizenship that should always come with one when applying during an immigration process! There’s even a chance they may want to see if their petitioner can pen some short sentences too (though this shouldn’t happen unless there was a specific mention).

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