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Family law can be a complicated field, but there are many resources that can help you learn more about the subject. These seven family law podcasts give listeners an inside look at some of the most prominent family law lawyers in America and offer advice on how to deal with common legal issues surrounding divorce, child custody, alimony, and other related topics. If you’re interested in learning more about what happens when your marriage ends or if you want to know what kind of rights parents have over their children, one of these podcasts might be right for you!

1. Divorce Team Radio

The “Divorce Team Radio” podcast is a family law podcast that has been around since 2017 and has 222 episodes. The hosts, Leh Meriwether and Todd Orston are dubbed as “Divorce attorneys who hate divorce.” Both attorneys have experience in divorce cases as well as mediation which ensures they give accurate information rather than just acting like talking heads. 

They provide news on current events related to family court. This podcast is a rebroadcast of a Meriwether and Tharp-sponsored radio show. Meriwether and Tharp is a legal company with over 40 lawyers that specialize in divorce and family law.

2. Divorce At Altitude

Ryan Kalamaya and Amy Goscha, top-rated Colorado divorce attorneys, provide a real and personal perspective on divorce, parenthood, relationships, and breakups. Experts including custody evaluators, CPAs, mediators, and family law judges will be interviewed in each episode. 

Listeners may look forward to receiving advice, methods for accomplishing tasks better, and a candid conversation on some of life’s most challenging issues. Divorce is sometimes compared to mountain climbing by many people. They have helped numerous clients achieve their goals throughout the country. They offer their weekly insights on divorce from a higher vantage point every week.

3. A House Divided: Practical Tips for Family Law Issues

It is a family law podcast with practical advice for those who are currently going through or maybe soon involved in divorce and child custody issues. This includes emotional support, how to deal with your spouse and children as well as the legalities of it all. It also covers other topics such as mediation, spousal maintenance concerns, and many more.

This family law podcast offers listeners tips on everything from negotiating prenuptial agreements to dealing with estate planning issues during marriage breakdowns and more. The host focuses on providing useful information that will help people feel better informed when making difficult decisions throughout their lives – whether they’re divorcing or not! 

Host Alycia Kinchloe discusses specific topics, such as how to handle an emotional spouse during divorce proceedings and what you can do if your ex-spouse refuses to follow court orders.

4. From Foster Care to Family Law – A Child Welfare Focus

Susan Chesnutt of The Chesnutt Law Firm is the host. She grew up in the foster care system, worked for the Department of Children and Families as a child abuse investigator, and now works as a family law attorney, where her purpose is to focus on the best interests of the children involved in family law legal proceedings. 

In every episode, she’ll speak with industry professionals about the apparently difficult situations that families frequently face. Insights and perspectives from experts who deal with these topics are included in each episode.

5. Rise From The Ashes Podcast

The goal of this podcast is to make critical yet sometimes complex legal knowledge more available to families and individuals. This podcast was created by a podcast developer, family law expert, and practicing attorney for over 30 years, Susan Mundahl.

In most situations, circumstances surrounding family law are difficult. It’s tough to manage the intricacies of a progression legal case while also juggling other obligations such as family needs, career expectations, financial concerns, and emotional stress that come with life changes.

It’s natural to be perplexed about which road to take or what actions would be most beneficial to your long-term objectives. It can be useful to have an outside, knowledgeable viewpoint as you try to make sense of the legal procedures that are now so important to you and your family, especially if you’re new to family law issues.

6. Family Lawyer Magazine Podcast

The Family Lawyer Podcast is a weekly podcast for family lawyers and other professionals who want to stay informed about the latest issues in family law. Listeners can expect to hear an attorney interview, news updates on legal developments around the country, tips, tricks, and best practices from leading industry experts as well as insights into practice management.

7. Divorce & Family Law Jersey Style

Divorce & Family Law Jersey Style is a woman-owned company that provides legal & consulting services to attorneys, law firms, and individuals. They are passionate about family matters because they have experienced it themselves through divorce – one of the most stressful life events you can go through!

They have extensive experience in all types of family law practice areas but their focus is on child custody disputes, parenting plan development for unmarried parents, LGBT family law, domestic abuse, adoption, and more.

If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest family law news and trends, there are a number of podcasts that can help. From Divorce Team Radio which features in-depth interviews with leading attorneys who practice divorce and family law across America to Family Law Magazine Podcasts (which has many episodes about how custody disputes affect children), this list will keep you informed when it comes to your personal or business interests in family law matters. Have any of these podcasts helped shape your opinion on current legal issues? Call us today for more information!


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