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5 Things We’ve Learned During this Pandemic that Might Make you Want to Call a Lawyer

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5 Things We’ve Learned During This Pandemic that Might Make you Want to Call a Lawyer

I think we can all agree that the past several months have been eye-opening for many reasons. Our flow of life has been affected and we’ve learned some things along the way, some of which were predictable, but some have been surprising as well. We’ve listed out 5 things that have been brought to society’s attention during the Covid-19 pandemic that may motivate you to call a lawyer. 

1. It’s Always Best to Plan Ahead

If we’ve learned anything since February, it’s that those individuals and companies who noticed how and started planning to deal with possible difficulties have had a much smoother experience than those who were flying by the seat of their pants. If you found yourself ill-prepared, now is a great time to plan for how to avoid that stress in the future. Save up and try to keep enough in your savings/bank account to cover at least 2 months of expenses. Include mortgage/rent, utilities, food, transportation, etc in those calculations so that if the unexpected happens, such as a lay-off, a prolonged illness, or other life change (death, divorce, move, etc) you will be able to focus on solving the problem without stressing over immediate needs such as paying your rent or buying food for your family. Sometimes people make unwise decisions when they don’t have the money to make ends meet and may find themselves facing charges for crimes they wouldn’t have committed if they had prepared appropriately. We hope you don’t ever plan to need a criminal attorney, but if you are on the receiving end of criminal charges, we can provide experienced criminal defense attorneys to represent you. 

2. Our Jobs are not Guaranteed

Navigating unemployment can be frustrating at the best of times, but when the country is facing massive spikes in the rates of the unemployed, it becomes a great concern. We have learned that it is always wise to know what provisions your company has stated they will provide should they unexpectedly fire or lay you off from your job. Knowing your rights at the beginning may help you avoid long battles over severance pay or unemployment benefits. In addition to knowing what is provided by your employer, we’ve learned that it is important to understand the process of applying for unemployment benefits. Gathering any information you may need now will help you to file as quickly as possible. If you feel that you have been wrongfully terminated or unfairly treated by your employer, contact a qualified employment attorney to discuss your situation.

3. Life Isn’t Guaranteed Either

Lots of families have learned the hard way that if their loved one has not planned for their death by creating an estate plan, all of their assets have to go through probate court and the government gets a nice percentage of that money. Take care of your family now by meeting with an estate attorney who can help you with a will and make sure your money and property are protected and given to those you choose after you die. The cost of an attorney is a relatively small investment for the benefits they provide to a grieving family. Don’t wait until it’s too late, Our attorneys can help you with probate, estates, wills, trusts, and other planning solutions to make the process clear and stress-free.

4. We May Not Know Our Spouses as Well as We Thought We Did!

One of the more entertaining themes on social media during the lock-down has been people sharing the new things they’ve learned about their spouses as they work from home together. Most of what is posted is humorous, however, many people are learning new things about their spouse that are making them worried about the stability of their relationship. If you are unsure or worried about the future of your marriage, a postnuptial agreement can be signed at any time after the wedding and can help you outline your intentions and financial arrangements in the case of divorce or annulment. Sometimes these agreements can even help save a marriage as it can protect both parties from making potentially bad decisions when angry or hurt. Contact a family attorney to discuss how creating a postnuptial agreement can help your family.

5. Don’t Wait Until a Crisis for a Divorce if you are in a Toxic or Abusive Relationship 

We are hearing disturbing reports of an increase in domestic abuse during the shutdown. If you are in a relationship with someone who has abused you or your children physically or emotionally, please do not wait to find help and get out. An experienced family attorney can help you with preparing the divorce papers, child custody agreements, and can even put measures in place to help protect you from your spouse, if needed.

Call or contact a family attorney today to see how they can help you!


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