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Probate Law Overview

Probate law deals with issues that arise when a person becomes incapacitated or dies, including the resolution of disputes regarding asset management and distribution. Our clients generally have one of three needs—probate administration, probate litigation, and estate planning.

The death of a loved-one can be difficult and traumatic, particularly if the deceased person was your spouse, child, or sibling. Often the period of grief is cut short by the need to deal with financial or property issues that are suddenly thrust upon you. The need to find and access funds to pay the decedent’s bills or prevent foreclosure of a house can seem overwhelming—not to mention heirs or beneficiaries who are uncooperative at best or confrontational at worst. GillespieShields will use its experience and expertise to guide you through the probate process and ensure that you not only administer the estate or trust effectively and efficiently, but also comply with the law. GillespieShields also represents heirs, beneficiaries, and creditors who have been damaged by the inappropriate action or inaction of a personal representative trustee, or agent. Unlike many estate planning attorneys who draft documents, but never use such documents in actual litigation, GillespieShields understands and avoids problematic language commonly found in estate planning documents. Not only does GillespieShields draft comprehensive, high-quality, time-tested estate plan documents that work, but can explain the purpose and effect of each provision.

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