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Mesa Public Schools in Mesa, Arizona, sponsors MDLP, which provides online instruction for students in grades 4-12.

MDLP provides high-quality, interactive online semester courses taught by highly qualified, certified instructors. MDLP offers a multimedia-rich curriculum that is aligned with state and national standards, as well as a variety of online tools for both parents and students. Mesa Public Schools raises the bar for distance learning by providing a higher level of education to students and families. After successfully completing our program, you will be able to obtain a high school diploma.

Online courses are available for both in-state and out-of-state students. Most full-time Arizona distance learning students qualify for free classes.

The MDLP Mission 

Develop expert learners who have the knowledge and skills to succeed and contribute in a rapidly changing global community.

The MDLP Vision 

A safe and supportive environment where all students engage in personalized competency-based learning that is rigorous and relevant.

The MDLP Learning Environment

Focuses on learning as a process, not a product.

  • Students will engage in deep learning of content and skills.
  • Students will reflect on their learning and identify areas for growth.
  • Students will have the opportunity to revise/redo/retake assignments and assessments as needed.
  • Every student can earn the grade they desire because the focus is on learning and mastery.

Helps students understand themselves as learners

  • Students will engage in activities to increase self-awareness and develop self-management skills.
  • Students will learn about and be asked to exhibit a growth mindset.
  • Students will regularly reflect on their learning.

Develops resourcefulness in learners

  • Resourcefulness is the ability to find and use available resources to set goals.
  • Students will set long-term and short-term goals.
  • Students will identify strategies and resources to achieve goals.
  • Students will decide when and how to use strategies and resources.

Is open-entry and asynchronous

  • Open-entry means that students can start a course at any time throughout the year.
  • Asynchronous means that students can work at the time of day that best suits their schedule.
  • The MDLP format provides flexibility for learners, but also limits opportunities for peer collaboration and real-time interaction with the teacher.

Summer Courses

Students may enroll in MDLP summer courses to make up for learning gaps or to earn credit. All courses are asynchronous, self-paced, with due dates that are suggested, and require independent learning. All courses are taught by appropriately certified teachers who answer questions, provide feedback, and encourage student success throughout the course.

As soon as the course is activated, students are expected to log in and begin course work. To remain enrolled in a course, students must make sufficient progress throughout the duration of the course. Monday through Friday, students are expected to log in to each course in which they are enrolled. Students must also submit coursework within each course according to the suggested due dates and course calendar.

Students who have completed 70% of their course work by the deadline may be eligible for an extension. If the student is eligible for an extension, an extension link will appear on the Student Page. Students who have been identified as NCAA-prospective athletes are no longer eligible.

Teach for MDLP

MDLP hires appropriately certified teachers who are current or former Mesa Public School employees. Non-contracted employees and employment opportunities vary throughout the year, and our teachers are paid based on monthly course completion. Because our program is open all year, enrollment can fluctuate at any time of year – fall, spring, and summer. This also means that our teachers work all year, on weekdays, weekends, school breaks, and during summer vacation.

Prospective teachers are chosen from a pool of applicants who have provided an up-to-date resume as well as three current references. Following a thorough review of the resume, references, and appropriate certification, a current administrator, evaluator, and/or department chair is consulted. Prior to final selection, an MDLP content specialist will conduct a phone or in-person interview.

Before they can begin teaching, MDLP teachers must complete online professional learning and in-person training. Extensive knowledge of current content standards is required, as well as experience with online or blended learning, effective feedback, and Universal Design for Learning.

Mesa, Arizona is blessed to be the home of many of the state’s best middle schools.  Here’s a shortlist you should check out: 

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  • Cooley Middle School
  • Self Development Charter School
  • ASU Preparatory Academy- Polytechnic Middle School
  • Heritage Academy Laveen
  • Mesa Arts Academy
  • Imagine Schools East Mesa Elementary and Middle School
  • BASIS Mesa
  • Mesa Distance Learning Program

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