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Carlson Creek Vineyard: A Day Of Relaxing And Wine Tasting

Carlson Creek Vineyard is a beautiful Arizona vineyard that offers wine tasting and relaxation. Carlson Creek Vineyard is one of the best wineries in Arizona. The owners of Carlson Creek Vineyard are proud to be part of this great wine-growing tradition in America’s Southwest. Carlson Creek Vineyards specialize in red wines made from Tempranillo grapes grown on their estate vineyards, but they also produce some great white wines made with grapes grown at other high-quality vineyards around the state. Their award-winning wines have won many prestigious awards over the years and can be found at restaurants all over Arizona!

About Carlson Creek Vineyard 

Carlson Creek Vineyard is nestled on the foothills of North Phoenix. Carlson Creek has been family-owned and operated since 1987, but its history goes back much further than that! The Carlson Family first discovered this location in 1868 while exploring Arizona after it was recently acquired by the US Government from Mexico. This land became a homestead for Mr. John Carlson (hence why we are named Carlson Creek). He planted cotton as a cash crop until 1916 when he retired because his eyesight failed him – just 20 years before prohibition would have created an even bigger challenge to test his will! Carlson’s children continued living off the land well into their 90’s – they grew crops such as corn, wheat, barley, and alfalfa! Carlson Creek Vineyard now uses the historic farming equipment from those days as decoration around their tasting room and restaurant area (which is open to the public!). The Carlson family has even left a few of their own grapevines growing on our property – we turn these grapes into wine that you can taste during your visit to Carlson Creek.

About Their Winery

Carlson Creek Vineyard wineries offer wine-tasting, events, and weddings that take place on their vineyards. Their wines include Riesling, Viognier (which they produce one of Arizona’s best), Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz blend named “Backbone Blend” as well as many others including some red blends that are very good too. Carlson creek vineyards are located in Queen Creek AZ which makes them close to Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, and Phoenix. They have a beautiful outdoor patio area that overlooks the vines with some seating under trees too.

The Carlson Creek Winery has been very popular recently because of the new tasting room they opened on San Tan Boulevard near Power Road In Gilbert Arizona. It is called Carlson Creek’s Desert Crossing location, but it also includes R&R Wine Bar & Grill inside as well.  Carlson Creek is currently the only Arizona winery to have this combination of wine tasting room and restaurant. Carlson creek has a lounge area that you can relax in with couches, tables, chairs, and even fireplaces too! Carlson creek also recently offered an event called “Wine Down Wednesday” where they had live music playing inside their Desert Crossing location as customers enjoyed some food from R&R Wine Bar & Grill such as appetizers like cheese platters and flatbreads along with entrees like filet mignon or grilled salmon which were paired up nicely with Carlson Creeks wines during the tastings.

The Carlson Creek Vineyard was started by Jim and Mary Ann Farley who first began growing grapes on their own property back in 1980 and in 1998 they opened Carlson Creek Vineyard. They have won many awards for their wines including a gold medal at the 2011 San Francisco International Wine Competition, an award from Sunset Magazine as well as being given “Best of Class” by Arizona Republic Newspaper too! Carlson creek also has several events throughout the year such as wine dinners where people can get paired up with wine experts who will lead them through food pairing demonstrations during a dinner which is definitely something to check out if you love learning about pairing foods with great wines. Carlson Creeks wineries are usually open every day except on Mondays but also make sure to check their website or give them a call before going down because sometimes there may be special hours that they operate under instead.

About Their Vineyard

Carlson Creek Vineyard is a 280-acre vineyard situated off the road to Willcox, Arizona. The vines grow at an elevation of 4200 ft which allows for different weather conditions than what one might find in Arizona’s desert region – warm days and cool nights similar to those found near Argentina or Chile make their grapes thicker skins with deeper colors resulting in more flavor!

The Carlson family has been planting and cultivating vineyards since they first started 120 acres of land in 2009. In 2014, the family expanded from 2 blocks to 10 acres each for Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec as well as planning out a 15k sq ft tasting room on their property with plans to release more wines there! When the family purchased an adjacent 120-acre plot of land in 2017, it was only 80 acres – but after acquiring 280 more they are now enjoying their work on this vineyard!

Phoenix, Arizona is blessed to be the center of many amazing wineries and wine-tasting locations.  Here’s a shortlist of our favorites you should check out soon: 

  • Carlson Creek Vineyard
  • Desert Rock Winery & Distillery
  • Su Vino Winery
  • Aridus Wine Company Tasting Room
  • LDV Winery
  • Salvatore Vineyards Tasting Room
  • Merkin Vineyards Old Town Scottsdale
  • Winery 101 Peoria
  • Scale & Feather Meadery

All of these wonderful wineries are located just a short distance from our location located at 7319 North 16th Street in Phoenix, Arizona! Stop by for a visit anytime!


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