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BASIS Chandler Primary – North Campus

1800 E Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85225 

They take pride in their great academic accomplishments and prepare kids for the next stage in their educational path at BASIS Chandler Primary – North Campus. Since its inception in 2016, they have been dedicated to provide a revolutionary K–4 education that would enable children to succeed at internationally competitive levels.

In grades 3 and 4, their children compete in a range of national and international examinations, outperforming their colleagues throughout the state, nation, and world. This is accomplished by instilling a passion for learning while teaching the fundamentals. 

Its K–4 program was created to assist pupils prepare for the challenging curriculum in their Intermediate and High School programs (grades 5-12). It emphasizes critical thinking, organizational skills, time management, study skills, and behavioral standards, all of which are important for students’ future success in numerous endeavors.

They offer a broad curriculum that encourages pupils to draw links across subjects. Their students experience Mandarin, music, performing arts, visual arts, theatre, martial arts/PE, and engineering in addition to a challenging math, science, and humanities curriculum.

They get stronger as scholars and closer as a community with each passing year. Throughout the year, BASIS Chandler Primary North hosts numerous community building activities to honor their varied community. 

Parent involvement, participation, and contact are encouraged through their Puma Booster parent organization. To discover more about life as a BASIS Chandler Primary North family, they welcome you to engage with their school community.

BASIS Chandler Primary – North Campus’ School Highlights

  • The school holds an International Food Festival every year to honor the richness of their culture.
  • Through their Second Step curriculum, they emphasize socioemotional learning in addition to academics. 
  • There are 638 pupils in grades K through 4.
  • Female students make up 49% of the student body, while male students make up 51%.
  • Minority student enrollment at the institution is 78 percent. 

87 percent of students at Basis Chandler Primary – North Campus scored at or above the competent level in arithmetic, while 81 percent scored at or above the competent level in reading.

According to this statistic, the school fared roughly the same in math and reading as the rest of the district. In Basis Charter Schools Inc. (92997), 81 percent of students scored proficient or above in reading, while 87 percent scored proficient or above in arithmetic.

In this statistic, children at Basis Chandler Primary – North Campus outperformed children throughout the state in math and reading. In Arizona, 42 percent of pupils scored proficient or above in reading, and 43 percent scored proficient or above in arithmetic.

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Phoenix, Arizona is blessed to be the home of many amazing public schools.  Here’s a short list of our favorites: 

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