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Altadena Park is a family-friendly park located in Phoenix, Arizona. The park has many activities and amenities for all ages to enjoy, such as an outdoor swimming pool with lifeguards on duty in the summertime, baseball fields, basketball courts, a roller hockey rink for adults and kids alike, soccer fields and more. Altadena Park also has an off-leash dog area that’s perfect for those who love spending time outdoors with their furry friends! It’s no wonder this place is one of the most popular parks in Phoenix.

What makes Altadena Park popular in Phoenix?

Signs of a popular park in Phoenix would be if it has any one or more of the following amenities: Splash pads and off-leash dog area.

Altadena Park is popular because it’s an all-inclusive playground for kids and adults alike with various sports fields to play on, splash pads for those hot summer days and even an off leash dog area!

A park can never go wrong with the following amenities:

  • A variety of playing fields
  • Splash pads for hot summer days 
  • Dogs are allowed in an off leash area

What Altadena Park offers that most other parks don’t?

Splash Pad!!! With three different splash pad areas including two water slides, this park becomes a haven during scorching summers where families can cool down after playing at nearby Camelback Mountain. The Altadena pool also features lifeguards throughout the day so kids are always safe while having fun.

What are safety measures in place at Altadena Park?

  • Lifeguards are on duty at all times to keep children safe from drowning
  • Signs with water safety tips such as “No running, no horseplay” and “Don’t swim alone!”

What can I do in Altadena Park?

  • Catch a ball at one of three sports fields. 
  • Dance through an interactive garden or hop on a playground!
  • Playtime is always more fun when you’re playing with your dog! (Dogs must be leashed) Check out the off leash area where they can play freely without worry of getting lost.  
  • Picnic tables dotting the park make it perfect for family gatherings or celebrations! There are enough shaded areas to enjoy the park.

Do they have a good off leash dog area?

Yes! The entire off leash dog park is a great place for your furry family members to play. However, dogs must be on leashes (except in designated off-leash areas)

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Is there anything else we should know about Altadena Park in Phoenix?

It is recommended to always have water with you when visiting Altadena Park because it gets really hot here during the day. It’s also good to wear sunscreen or apply before going out into the sun so that everyone has fun without getting burnt! As well as hats and sunglasses if they want them.

Altadena Park is a great place for families to enjoy the outdoors and have fun. With so many different amenities, there’s no excuse not to visit! If you’re looking for an all-inclusive playground in your area, make sure that this park is on your list of places to check out. We want to hear from you about what makes it such a popular destination – why do you think people flock here? Let us know by reaching out through our contact page or giving us a call today!

Phoenix, Arizona is blessed to be the home of so many amazing parks.  Here’s a short list of our favorites: 

  • Encanto Park
  • Granada Park
  • Papago Park
  • Moon Valley Park
  • Margaret T. Hance Park
  • North Mountain Park
  • Kachina Park
  • El Oso Park

All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location located at 7319 North 16th Street in Phoenix, Arizona! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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