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A Tasting Room You Won’t Forget: Salvatore Vineyards

Salvatore Vineyards is a family-owned winery located in Phoenix, Arizona. Salvatore Vineyards has been owned and operated by the Salvatore Family since 1933, making Salvatore one of the oldest continuously operating vineyards in the United States. Salvatore Vineyards produces wine from grapes grown on their own estate vineyard that they have cultivated for over 80 years. Salvatore’s wines are made with traditional recipes using only four ingredients: grapes, yeast, water, and grape skins (no added sulfites). Founded by Salvatore Ligammari. Salvatore Vineyards continues to be managed today by Salvatore’s grandchildren, who are committed to upholding the legacy of producing quality handcrafted wines.

Salvatore Vineyards: Their Story 

Salvatore Vineyards is a family-owned Arizona winery that produces red and white wines from the estate’s best grapes. Salvatore Grape Vines Salvatore Vineyards sources their fruit only from the finest grape-growing regions in Arizona.

Salty vines and sweet wines are the perfect remedies for any appetite. Their winemakers at Salvatore Vineyards specialize in fruit-forward, crisp white wines as well artistically blended reds that will tantalize your taste buds with every sip! Since their first vintage was made just outside of The Willcox AVA (a USDA certified Arizona Viticultural Area), They have reserved only select grapes from these vineyards to make award-winning Passion Cellars Chardonnay or Merlot while reserving some excellent bottles under their own name – Salvestore Ligammari makes sure you don’t miss a thing by naming it after his grandfather who founded this legacy many years ago.

Salvatore Vineyards: Their Wines

Salvatore Vineyards has an excellent tasting room in Phoenix, Arizona. Salvatore Vineyards wines are all about balance and harmony. These wines were grown on the family’s vineyard which is located near Willcox, AZ. They also have a winery at their vineyard where they make other varietals that you can sample while visiting. Salvatore Vineyards wines have been featured in several restaurants and wineries across Arizona. They also serve their wine at various events around the state of Arizona, such as a recent event with Copper Blues Scottsdale. Salvatore Vineyards is very passionate about all aspects of making wine from grape to bottle, including soil conservation and sustainable farming techniques. Salvatore Vineyards wines include Pinot Grigio, Rosato Rose Petal Wine, Chardonnay, and Tempranillo among others. Salvatore wines are all delicious, but Salvatore Sparkling Rose and Salvatore Merlot stand out among their other varieties. Salvatore Sparkling Rose is sweet with a hint of citrus flavor making it great for celebrations or special occasions. Salvatore’s Merlot has notes of black cherry and vanilla, making it a great choice for those who prefer dry wines. Salvatore’s wines are sold at Salvatore Vineyards Tasting Room in Phoenix as well as other local retailers throughout Arizona.

Salvatore Vineyards: Their Wineries

Salvatore Vineyards is located in the geographical center of Arizona. Salvatore’s wines are made with grapes grown throughout the state, including some from their own vineyards on Camelback Mountain just outside Phoenix. Salvatore has a tasting room where visitors can enjoy Salvatore wines and also learn about how they are produced through the winemaking process.  Salvatore is well known for their Salvatore Sparkling Rose and Salvatore Merlot.  Salvatore Vineyards offers wine tasting, tours of the facility, and Salvatore wines for purchase.  Salvatore Vineyards is the second-best-selling imported red wine in Arizona and has been featured in several restaurants and wineries across Arizona.

Salvatore Vineyards: Their Tasting Room

Salvatore’s tasting room is cozy and intimate, with a number of wines available for sampling. The staff members are friendly and knowledgeable about Salvatore wines and the winemaking process in general. They will answer any questions you may have during your visit to Salvatore Vineyards Tasting Room, and you are even welcome to tour Salvatore’s winemaking facility. Salvatore offers a free shuttle service for groups of ten or more who wish to visit Salvatore’s winery on Camelback Mountain outside Phoenix.  Salvatore Vineyards also has a Salvatore wine club where members can enjoy Salvatore wines at discounted prices.

Salvatore is open to the public six days per week for Salvatore Wine Tasting and tours of their winery facility. A free shuttle service is available from Salvatore’s tasting room in Phoenix to Salvatore’s winery on Camelback Mountain. Salvatore also offers a Salvatore wine club where members can enjoy Salvatore wines at discounted prices.

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All of these wonderful wineries are located just a short distance from our location located at 7319 North 16th Street in Phoenix, Arizona! Stop by for a visit anytime!


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